March 15, 2022    By admin   


Every single day of this month of March has had a news headline involving a fatal accident that has claimed the lives of above two and left a little more than a handful with lifelong injuries, some with mild ones that have disorganized their normal flow of life for a moment. But if we are to think back on what has been identified over the years as the causes of these accidents, none of them is really new or out of norm. And yet we still underrate the impact one small act of negligence can cause on us, our loved ones and the people we leave behind.

The highways that have been constructed, are ideally meant to make easy our transport movement and are an indicator of some level of economic growth. This withstanding, we have time and again abused the services these offer and their abuse has in return reduced the life expectancy of even the youth. The speeds that we opt for while on these highways without even paying attention to the fact that the vehicle with which we are excitedly accelerating could meet a mechanical mishap and could be uncontrollable is one thing that we have been adamant about intentionally.

This past weekend, an accident at the Entebbe Express highway claimed the lives of three females, one who was meant to be a bride this coming weekend, on the 19th of March 2022. The momentarily elated girls that were looking forward in anticipation to this day are no more. The groom to be that had maybe been counting down to the moment before that pastor on the altar, adrenaline running at maximum capacity as he makes vows to the woman of his dreams, is now left with mere memories and imaginations of what that moment would have been like. The parents to the bride that must have lived for the moment when they would walk their beautiful blessing from God of a child, down the aisle to be married to a man she loves, is now a mere fantasy as they walk her miles into the ground for burial.

All this, because we allow moments to override our sense of judgement. May we be better road users having in mind that safety always starts with me.

May the souls of the departed Rest in Eternal Peace.