Beyond the Speedometer

May 30, 2024    By URRENO Admin

 Unveiling the Silent Killers: Fatigue, Drowsiness In Uganda, the roads have both good and bad stories. While the nation’s highways facilitate commerce and connectivity, they also witness a tragic narrative of road crashes, claiming lives and leaving families shattered. Beyond the obvious culprit of over speeding lies a more insidious threat: […]

NMT Key to Cities’ Congestion and Pollution Reduction

June 5, 2023    By admin

Uganda’s road infrastructure is generally unsafe with most of the roads being single carriage way without a median. This easily results into many head-on collisions since most roads lack facilities for Non-Motorized users. According to the Uganda Road Safety Performance review (2018), the last decade alone recorded that road crash […]

No one deserves to die.

April 19, 2022    By admin

The Easter holiday is one that we often anticipate because of the timeliness it comes with, a whole Friday to Monday undeserved holiday in the early second quarter of the year. Like it is usually said, sweetness comes in small short bits, Easter holiday has no better way to be […]

Why we all must get involved in road safety activities.

February 21, 2022    By admin

The journey to safer roads is one that can only thrive if all stakeholders involved play their part. This has for decades been far from the norm with mainly pedestrians leaving this upto the motorcyclist or the guy behind the wheel. According to the World Health Organisation, approximately 1.3 million […]

Right of way doesn’t justify impunity

February 19, 2022    By admin

It is high time the concerned authorities clarified, for the umpteenth time which dignitaries have right of way. The high level of self-importance in our society today has caused many to assume they are Very Important Persons (VIPs). There have been several complaints lately of vehicles being knocked or scratched […]