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URRENO’s general approach to programs is based on the following fundamental principles that have over the years proven to increase efficiency in project delivery, relevance, quality and effectiveness of our advisory and management services.

  • Consultative and Participatory
    Owing to the institutional development nature of seeking for solutions, our work is relevant to the clients’ needs. We offer comprehensive and holistic solutions that maximize synergies to create satisfactory of our clients.
  • Transparency and Confidentiality
    Right from the onset of projects, all our partners are assured of transparency throughout the initial stages of project development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. The confidentiality of our clients’ information cannot be overstated.
  • Quality assurance
    Our approach takes into account measures to ensure that the products and services we offer have inbuilt regulatory quality assurance mechanisms that range from regular monitoring and evaluation systems to risk and issues controls. These are not limited to the technical implementation of projects, but also extend to financial management controls to ensure checks and balances are part and parcel of the solutions we deliver.
  • Sustainability
    As a standard practice throughout our projects, we provide regular capacity building for the communities and train them on how to apply the interventions we deliver. This is to ensure that the human resource base of the partners first and foremost appreciates their own needs, and is adequately equipped to execute the solutions devised.
  • Stakeholders Involvement
    Furthermore, we ensure sustainability by involving all stakeholders in embracing road safety.