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URRENO is one of the largest comprehensive and independent road safety organizations in Uganda. Our work continues to enable our clients establish safety compliance among road users.

Locally we have stronger ties with Government Ministries of Works and Transport, Education, Health, Internal Affairs (Traffic Police), Civil Society Coalition on Transport(CISCOT) and private sector in the field of transport. 

URRENO has developed close working links with Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety, European Union, UK Aid, World Bank, DANIDA, COWI –Uganda.

URRENO employs technical specialists, among them traffic safety engineers, statisticians, sociologists, communications expert, road safety educationists and researchers.

URRENO with its breadth of expertise and facilities provides clients with research and consultancy capability matched to the complex problems arising across the whole safety and health at workplaces.

Areas  such as  safety, congestion,  environment  and gender issues require  a multi-disciplinary approach  and URRENO is strategically positioned to deliver effective solutions.

Past road safety activities

Upgrading the Road Accident Database

    Roll-out Road Safety Education Curriculum

      Safer School Zone Project

        Road Safety Education Advocacy